May 6, 2016

Example email to a hacked site by Matt Cutts Learn about Example Emails for Google.

Example email to a hacked site by Matt Cutts I was on an interesting webinar today. So I decided to repost for Matt's post "Example email to a hacked site by Matt Cutts". I have to admit that the article by Matt Cutts "Example email to a hacked site" would bring a lot of true value to people who are afraid of getting their site hacked... Beyond clear-cut blackhat webspam, the second-biggest category of spam that Google deals with is hacked sites. The most common reaction we hear from webmasters is “The problem is with the Google search. There is nothing wrong with our website.” That’s a real quote from an email one site owner recently sent us. Sadly, it turns out that the site is almost always really hacked. The single best piece of advice I can give to prevent website hacking is “keep your web server software up-to-date and fully patched.” That prevention is much better than … [Read more...]

Get listed on Google Maps by Nine Eye

Get listed on Google Maps Getting listed on Google Maps is more important now a day's then it was before. Last October Google put the SEO world upside down on their heads when it changed how Google Maps is displayed. Now Google Maps is displayed as Google Places within the regular organic listings. Most local business's worked really hard and spent a fortune on getting their business to rank on Google for their local services and local products. Then poof! Gone with a major change, go to love it when Google makes a change. Although the smart local business's followed suite and optimized their local Google Maps listing. Getting listed on Google Maps is not rocket science. It's almost identical to ranking a website within Google Organic. But the truth being there are many ranking factors to Google Maps - Google Places for those who don't like to call it what it really is. I … [Read more...]