April 29, 2016

Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Santa Clarita – Review

Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Santa Clarita - Review

Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Santa Clarita


Now let’s get one thing straight… I decided to write a review on a friend of mine name Arif Halaby of Total Financial Solutions in the Santa Clarita Valley. I don’t write these kind of reviews for money. Arif Halaby is not a client of mine or is Total Financial solutions.

How Did I Meet Arif Halaby…

I met Arif about 2 years ago. About 6 months earlier I had been going to the SCV Internet Marketers Meetup group in Santa Clarita led by Wilson Mattos. The group had been meeting in Arif’s office that had a pretty large boardroom. When I first started attending the meetings, I had never met Arif. What had happen is one of the SCV Internet Marketers members had decided to start a “Master Mind” group that met up about every other Wednesday.

“Master Mind” group…

The master mind group was made up of eight people that all have a gift for what they do. Myself I am pretty damn good SEO or Search Engine Optimization Expert. Arif Halaby’s credit to the group was financial solutions (hence, Total Financial Solutions). He would give the group ideas about everything from tax loop holes, personal savings to corporate structure. I have to say some of his ideas were just brilliant. One of the biggest nuggets I had ever gotten from him was that I could pay my children. I mean really, I was already paying them to be their house keeper, why not deduct that? Right?

What does Total Financial Solutions do?

Well it’s not what Total Financial Solutions does… It’s what Total Financial Solutions offers. You see they offer the whole package when it comes to finding financial solutions that are going to protect your future. Maybe just not your future, but your families future. What I found about Arif Halaby and Total Financial Solutions is they really care about their clients. Arif’s clients are more than just another buck and I respect that! A lot!

Keep an eye out for other articles I am going to post here. These other articles may or may not be written by me, but when you run into a good guy like Arif Halaby, you really want to share…

KHTS and the Total Financial Hour

If you don’t know about it, I recommend you listen to KHTS for Arif’s talk show called the “Total Financial Hour”. It’s actually a pretty brilliant show with nothing but good content and resources. You can learn more about Arif Halaby here.

Article: Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Santa Clarita – Review
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Author: Chaz Key

Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Santa Clarita – Review

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