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Scams Archives - Mimes In Motion

July 24, 2016

Beware Of Texting Scams!

Beware Of Texting Scams! Texting Scams Are Real Your cell phone chimes — a text message has come in. It bears your bank’s name and has some disturbing news. One of your accounts has been frozen. Please call us at the following number to clear this up, urges the message. You’ve just been “smished”. Smishing texts are the newest way scam artists can gain personal info. An offshoot of “phishing” Emails that try to trick you into disclosing personal or financial information — smishing is named for the SMS (short message service) technology used to send text messages. (There’s even another variation, “vishing.” Instead of a text message, you get a call with a recorded voice.) As more people have gotten wise to computer-based scams, scammers are increasingly targeting cellphones. Their users are three times more likely to fall for fake messages than computer users, according to … [Read more...]